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No news

2011-09-27 04:08:10 by SAsInJustS

Nothing looks worse than old news, I think. The announcement "no news" will be relevant for quite a while...

Whoo contest

2011-07-07 08:27:52 by SAsInJustS

NGAdm audio competition! (thread)
Audio contest on NG. I applied. Hopefully I could get though the preliminaries. I've uploaded one old song as reference material. I consider it my best song, so it doesn't really hurt my NG profile, I guess. (Contrary to reviewing hentai flash :P ) I also wanted to post some old loops I think would suit games. I've reached my upload limit, though. Summarizing: you can expect some new audio posts, but it won't be new material. You actually read that? I thought I was writing to myself. I had no idea you were in the room.

I was just about to send an angry e-mail about how long it took. Now I have a post! I posted something to Newgrounds! Oh, glorious day. Now I have a reason to put some text here too. Oh, glorious day!
Hm, the flash music player actually screws up my loop...